Ed Marshall Jewelers Starting a Gold Collection

Ed Marshall Jewelers Gold has been used as a determinant of value, as an investment and for currency ever since the metal was dug up from the stone and ground and could be heated and molded into a bar or a coin. Trade using gold was established thousands of years ago in Europe and China and spread quickly through the world as civilizations and cultures expanded and started trading with each other. Because of the rarity of the metal, its malleability and the fact that its value could be represented in small coins or bars that could be easily carried around and stored meant that it became the world’s currency until only very recently. Even with the emergence of paper, copper and cheaper metal alloys as representation of currency and money, gold was still the element that back and underwrote all the currency that was in global circulation. However as economies grew and the amount of money needed to circulate, the quantities of gold could just not keep up with the amount of currency that needed to be underwritten. Believe it or not, it was only just after the First World War that gold was globally uncoupled from the world’s currencies.

This did not however result in the devaluation and redundancy of gold as a source of value and it remained an important investment category that hedged against paper based currency economies and trade. In fact almost every country and their official coin mints still mint gold coins and gold bars for purchase and safe keeping as an investment. During the most recent economic crises, the gold price increased rapidly as the paper based economy quickly tumbled and lost value. Owning gold in any form at that time was protection against some of the losses that money had bought including property, stocks and business investments.

Gold is still a very important part of saving in many, many cultures around the world. Gold markets are extremely popular in regions including the Middle East, Asia and South America. In these regions there is still a degree of mistrust in the banking systems and the fact that even bank savings are essentially intangible and virtual. Whenever many people of these cultures have additional cash, they will buy gold in bar or coin form and keep it safely locked up at home or under the mattress so to speak. In their minds gold is physical, it can be held and touched and there is tangibility in its value. In a way this can be seen as one of the safest investments one can make as the recession showed how quickly other assets can drop in value.

But investing or partly investing in gold does not just have to be about buying gold in its most simple forms. Your gold investments can be interesting, even fun by collecting gold as opposed to just buying it. Given that gold exists in so many forms there are many opportunities to start collecting the precious metal.

One of the easiest and most accessible opportunities to start a gold collection is to buy gold based jewelry. It is also one of the more cost effective mechanisms for starting a gold collection. A lot of the higher end jewelry these days is made of gold. As gold is so malleable and soft, all sorts of designs and shapes can be made from gold. Gold can also be polished to give yellow or white gold meaning that a variety of tastes can be catered for. There are also many jewelry collectors around the world looking to buy gold based jewelry to expand their own collections as well as gold buyers looking for jewelry that can be melted down and reshaped into a new piece of jewelry or just into bullion gold. Collecting jewelry has a functional purpose in that it can be worn, but when the time comes to sell the jewelry it can fulfill other purposes as well.

Gold coins are another category of gold collection that is an investment opportunity and very interesting at the same time. As discussed already, gold coins have been used for thousands of years as currency and some of these coins, going back hundreds of years are still in existence and are highly sort after by collectors. Many archeological digs still turn up gold coins going back many hundreds and thousands of years. Most of these of coins are rightly kept in museums but the less rare coins from a few hundred years are in the hands of collectors and they are buying and selling these coins through a variety of sales methods. It is possible to pick up coins that are eighty or ninety years old if one looks carefully amongst collector’s stores and even second hand markets. Many of these coins are official mint coins from countries around the world and include coins such as the American Gold Eagle, The British Sovereign, Canadian Maple Leaf and others. These coins have been minted for many years and some of the older, rarer or minted in lower quantities are prime collector coins.

Gold bars are less of a collector’s strategy as there is less variation in the types of gold bars that were produced. Most collectors will be buying and selling gold bars from official mints that are producing these bars today and have official hallmarks which make them easily sellable in the future. There is somehow a feeling of satisfaction in owning a gold bar of any size and many gold coin collectors will often have a gold bar or two somewhere in their collection.

But where is the best place or places to buy gold items or start your gold coin or jewelry collection. The mints are an obvious place for recently released gold coins but these coins carry little exclusivity or collectability other than their inherent gold value. Your local jewelry stores are obviously good for gold jewelry but you may very well be paying a premium on the gold content if a designer or fashion house name is attached to the jewelry. If you are really serious about a gold collection then one of the best places to start is your local gold coin, previously owned jewelry store of which there are many across the United States. One of the more reputable and well known stores for buying and selling gold in its various forms is Ed Marshall Jewelers. Ed Marshall jewelers are stockists of a large number of gold coins, gold bars and of course gold jewelry. What sets them apart from other stores selling gold collectibles is not just there large number of items but the level of expertise and knowledge that they have in gold and its various forms. Ed Marshall Jewelers is made up of gemologists, jewelry experts and goldsmiths. For over thirty years they have specialized in gold and have traded gold coins, gold bars and gold jewelry. Through their success and reputation they have become members of important gold trade bodies including the Gold Coin Exchange and accreditation by numerous numismatic institutes. What this means to any buyer of gold is that Ed Marshall Jewelers has accurately assessed the gold for quality, value and any other attributes that may define its demand and supply that could contribute to additional value. What this means for you as a buyer of gold and wanting to start a collection is that any gold you buy from Ed Marshall
Jewelers will have been very carefully assessed meaning that what you buy will be genuine, will be worth the value you pay and will have been treated with the utmost care. You will also receive some of the best customer service as the expert staff answer all your questions and queries and queries and explain what you are buying, what contributes its value and what the collector characteristics and attributes are of your buying choice.

Ed Marshall Jewelers are also members of the Better Business Bureau which just further reassures you of their commitment to best practice business ethics and integrity. By opening themselves up to independent scrutiny and independent customer assessment, Ed Marshall Jewelers are wholeheartedly all about the customer and their experiences.

Starting a gold collection is not an easy choice buy once you have made up your mind you will immediately see the benefits of what is ultimately a financial investment that is low risk and an interesting hobby at the same time. If you are an Arizona resident then a trip to Scottsdale should be your first stop on your gold collection journey and will probably turn out to be a multiple stop destination on your journey. Whether it is gold coins, gold bars or gold jewelry, Ed Marshall Jewelers will be able to get you going with your collection and help you expand on it later. And their knowledge and expertise will ensure that you are always filling your collection with the valuable, the rare, the vintage and the collectible. Now get in the car, drive downtown and start that collection.